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Testing Fedora CD/DVD Secure Boot in a VM
Testing Secureboot in a VM
The boot screen you'll see should use `linuxefi` commands to boot the installer, and you should be able to run `efibootmgr` inside that system, to verify that you're running an UEFI OS.
These steps describe how to test Fedora Secureboot support inside a KVM VM. The audience here is QA folks that want to test secureboot, and any other curious parties. This requires configuring the VM to use UEFI, so it builds upon the previous UEFI steps.
The VM will restart. Let it boot into Fedora as normal. Log in
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UEFI for x86 QEMU/KVM VMs is called OVMF (Open Virtual Machine Firmware). It comes from EDK2 (EFI Development Kit), which is the UEFI reference implementation.
Use virt-manager to attach the ISO media to your VM
Use virt-manager to change the VM boot settings to boot off the CDROM
Using UEFI with AArch64 VMs
Using UEFI with QEMU
You should see the string 'Secure boot enabled' in dmesg. Secureboot is now enabled for every subsequent boot.