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How to Reset the root Password
In Rescue Mode
Using a Fedora Live Media (USB/DVD/CD)
How to reset the root password in Rescue Mode
While booting the system the xref:bootloading-with-grub2.adoc[GRUB2] menu will be displayed. To boot the system into rescue mode using `bash` follow these steps:
Run the command:
Restore the SELinux context and permissions with:
touch /.autorelabel
If you do not restore the SELinux permissions, the boot process may fail. You may have to do a hard-reboot and start back at step 1.
Reboot the machine with:
/sbin/reboot -f
How to reset the root password with a Fedora Live Media
To download and create a live USB of Fedora Workstation, follow the instructions on the xref:creating-and-using-a-live-installation-image.adoc[Fedora USB Live Media Quick Doc].
If you are using LVM partitions, type: `sudo lvscan` and note the `/dev` path of your root partition. For this example we will use `/dev/fedora/root`.
Create a directory for the mount point (use the `-p` option to create subdirectories):
mkdir -p /mnt/sysimage/boot
Mount the `/` (root) partition (be sure to use the actual device node or LVM path of your root `/` partition):
To mount root on a *standard partition* scheme enter:
mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/sysimage