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`chroot` to the mounted root partition with:
chroot /mnt/sysimage /bin/bash
Change the root password:
Exit out of chroot with:
and exit out of the terminal.
Reboot your system and boot from the hard drive.
Congratulations, your root password has been successfully changed.
Additional Troubleshooting
If you cannot enter rescue mode because you forgot the Firmware/BIOS password here are some options:
Refer to your computer's documentation for instructions on resetting the Firmware/BIOS password in CMOS memory.
Temporarily move the system hard disk to another machine, and follow the procedures above to reset the root password.
If you have set a password for your boot loader, refer to xref:creating-and-using-a-live-installation-image.adoc[Creating and Using a Live Installation Image].
If you want to reset the boot loader password, refer to the instructions on how to link:++https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Reset_Bootloader_Password++[Reset the Bootloader Password].