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The results of your test will be uploaded https://apps.fedoraproject.org/kerneltest/[here]
this will download the same folder that you find in the test day image, with the testing scripts. When the download is finished, enter the kernel-tests folder:
To run the basic set of tests, use this command:
To run the performance test suites, use this command:
To submit results anonymously: edit the `.config` file with `submit=anonymous`
To submit results linked to your FAS username: edit the `.config` file with `submit=authenticated` and `username=<your FAS username>`
Using a test day image
Using a Virtual Machine
Using Koji
What to do during Kernel Test Days
When you finish with the tests, remember to turn SELinux boolean selinuxuser_execheap back to default state, by issuing the command: *sudo semanage boolean -m --off selinuxuser_execheap*
You can also install the required kernel version on a Virtual Machine running an up to date Fedora release and do the test in the VM. In this case you can just add https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/jforbes/kernel-stabilization/[this] *Copr repository* on the Fedora distro running in your VM.
You can then boot the live image and run the tests without worries of messing up with your OS.