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$ sudo hostnamectl set-hostname my_machine.example.domain
$ sudo realm join example.domain -v
$ sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved
After saving the file, restart `systemd-resolved` service.
After the command finished the machine should be part of the Active Directory or FreeIPA domain
Change the machine name to the machine name you want + the domain name.
Configure the DNS to use the Active Directory or FreeIPA domain DNS servers (if your network uses DHCP to set this DNS to the correct server, skip this step)
Fedora can join Active Directory and FreeIPA domains using the `realm` command.
Gather needed information
If your network is not configured to automatically setup the DNS to the domain DNS, you will need the domain DNS IP address.
If you want your Fedora machine to be part of an Active directory or FreeIPA domain just follow this steps
Joining an Active Directory or FreeIPA domain
Use the `realm` command to join the machine to the domain.
You can do this editing the network settings using the GNOME configuration panel or you can edit directly the file `/etc/systemd/resolved.conf` and add your DNS manually.
You will need to provide the credentials of a domain user with permissions to join new machines to the domain.