The following fields need to be set:
*Component*: This will be set to the name of the package.
*Version*: You should set this to the version of Fedora that you observed the bug on.
*Summary*: You should provide a useful short summary of the issue here.
*Description*: More detailed information about the issue should be provided here.
It already contains a template, which is explained below.
*Attachment*: Files that provide more information of the issue can be uploaded with the bug report using the button here.
E.g,, screen-shots, log files, screen recordings.
*Severity, Hardware, OS*: These fields are optional and need not be set.
*Description of problem:*
Explain the issue in more detail here.
*Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):*
The version of the package should be specified here. Once the package name is known, the version can be obtained by using the `rpm` command:
$ rpm -q <packagename>
For example:
$ rpm -q gnome-software
*How reproducible:*
How often is the issue observed? Usually, a good answer to this field is one of:
Always: the issue is observed each time.
Sometimes: the issue occurs, but not each time.
Only once: the issue was only observed once.