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Adding new fonts in Fedora Adicionando novas fontes no Fedora
Add or enable third-party repositories with font packages
An added benefit of packaged fonts is they give you control over the font package in the future. You will receive future updates and can easily uninstall it later if you decide it is not the font for you.
[application]`GNOME Font Viewer` does two things to install fonts:
Click on the blue btn:[Install] button on the top bar.
Command line
Copy font files (e.g. `.ttf` files) to the new directory
Copy font files to a font directory in the user's home directory `.local/share/fonts`.
`cp ~/Downloads/robofont.ttf ~/.local/share/fonts/robofont`
Create a new directory `~/.local/share/fonts/<font-family-name>/` for the new font family
Create a new directory `/usr/share/fonts/<font-family-name>/` for the new font family
Currently, there is a bug in the application. When you click on the btn:[Install] button, it does not inform whether the installation succeeded.
Did you know Fedora packages several freely-licensed fonts? There are several supplementary fonts to preview and try out that are not installed by default. Like all fonts on Fedora, these fonts are not encumbered with licenses or restrictions.
DNF package manager
`dnf search fonts`
Double-click on a font file to open it in [application]`GNOME Font Viewer`.
`fc-cache -v`
Fedora pre-installs several basic fonts by default. This page explains how to add new fonts to a Fedora installation.
GNOME Font Viewer
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