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A new installation of Fedora will assign a default hostname. You may wish to set a different name for easier identification of your host(s) on a network. 新安装好的 Fedora 系统默认会设置好主机名。为了方便在网络中识别您的主机,您可能要改一下这个名字。
An optional **pretty** name can be longer and more descriptive, like "Emily's 2nd dev laptop". 另一种形式叫 **pretty**(**装饰**)主机名,像它的意思一样,名字可以更长一点,更具描述性,比如“艾米丽的第二台开发用笔记本电脑”。
A **static** name is used by default at system bootup. This name will typically be short and contain only letters, numbers and dashes. **static** (**静态**)主机名默认在系统启动时使用。此名称通常都比较短,只包含字母、数字和连字符。
A **transient** name is assigned by the network. It is probably going to be the same as the static name, unless there are multiple hosts with the same static name on the local network. For example, if there are two hosts both with static name "localhost", one machine may be assigned a transient name of "localhost-1". 还有一种叫 **transient**(**临时**)主机名,由网络分配。它很有可能跟静态名称相同,除非局域网上存在多个静态名称相同的主机。例如,如果有两个主机的静态名称都叫“localhost”,其中一个的临时主机名可能会是“localhost-1”。
Changing Hostname 修改主机名
There are three variations of a hostname in a Fedora system: Fedora 系统中的主机名分成了三种形式: