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# virsh list
To list all virtual machines, running or not:
# virsh list --all
To gracefully power off a guest:
# virsh shutdown <virtual machine (name | id | uuid)>
To non gracefully power off a guest:
# virsh destroy <virtual machine (name | id | uuid)>
To save a snapshot of the machine to a file:
# virsh save <virtual machine (name | id | uuid)> <filename>
To restore a previously saved snapshot:
# virsh restore <filename>
To export the configuration file of a virtual machine:
# virsh dumpxml <virtual machine (name | id | uuid)
For a complete list of commands available for use with `virsh`:
# virsh help
Or consult the manual page: `man virsh`.
Bugs in the `virsh` tool should be reported in https://bugzilla.redhat.com[Bugzilla] against the *libvirt* component.
Remote management
The following remote management options are available:
If using non-root users via SSH, see the setup instructions in https://wiki.libvirt.org/page/SSHSetup