Common service parameters
Unit Parameters
This section contains parameters you can use in the `[Unit]` section of a service. These parameters are common to other _systemd_ units.
This list is a summarized version. For a full list of these parameters and their descriptions, run `man systemd.unit`.
A free-form string describing the service.
A space-separated list of URIs referencing documentation for this service or its configuration. Accepted are only URIs of the following types: `http://`, `https://`, `file:`, `info:`, `man:`.
Configures requirement dependencies on other services. If this service gets activated, the units listed here are activated too. If one of the dependent services fails to activate, _systemd_ does not start this service. This option may be specified more than once or you can specify multiple space-separated units.
Similar to `Requires`, except failed units do not have any effect on the service.
Similar to `Requires`, except stopping the dependent units also stops the service.
Similar to `Requires`, except the stopping and restarting dependent units also stop and restart the service.
A space-separated list of unit names that, if running, cause the service not to run.
Before, After
A space-separated list of unit names that configures the ordering of dependencies between services.