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Using old graphics modes in bootloader
The terminal device is chosen with GRUB_TERMINAL. For more information, see the link:https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub/grub.html#Simple-configuration[Grub manual].
Valid terminal output names depend on the platform, but may include `console` (PC BIOS and EFI consoles), `serial` (serial terminal), `gfxterm` (graphics-mode output), `ofconsole` (Open Firmware console), or `vga_text` (VGA text output, mainly useful with Coreboot).
The default is to use the platform's native terminal output.
In Fedora, `gfxterm` is the default options. To get the legacy graphics modes:
Edit the `/etc/default/grub` file.
Set the `GRUB_TERMINAL` variable to one of the above mentioned options.
Regenerate the *GRUB2* configuration file and reinstall the bootloader into the MBR, as described in link:#adding-other-operating-systems-grub2[Adding other operating systems to the *GRUB2* menu].