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Switching desktop environments using a graphical user interface (GUI)
First, install the desired desktop environment as described in link:#installing-desktop-environments[Installing additional desktop environments].
You can login to a different desktop for a single session using the login manager. For example, for the Gnome Display Manager (GDM) that is used by default on the Fedora Linux Workstation:
On the login screen, select a user from the list.
Click on the Preferences icon right below the password field. A window appears with a list of several different desktop environments.
Choose one, and enter password as usual.
Login Screen
Using switchdesk
You also change your desktop environment using the [package]`switchdesk` tool. It also allows you to change default desktop environment for individual users, and for all users.
Install the [package]`switchdesk` and [package]`switchdesk-gui` packages:
# dnf install switchdesk switchdesk-gui
Run the Desktop Switching Tool application.
Select the default desktop from the list of available desktop environments, and confirm.
Desktop Switching Tool