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Starting, stopping, and querying systemd services
You can perform various management tasks to control _systemd_ services using the `systemctl` command. The following is a set of example commands to demonstrate how to use `systemctl` to manage _systemd_ services.
Prerequisites Pré-requisitos
You are logged in as a user with administrator-level permissions.
Procedure Procedimento
The following commands control the `foo` service:
Activate a service immediately:
# systemctl start foo
Deactivate a service immediately:
# systemctl stop foo
Restart a service:
# systemctl restart foo
Show the status of a service including, whether it is running or not:
# systemctl status foo
Enable a service to be started on boot:
# systemctl enable foo
Disable a service to not start during boot:
# systemctl disable foo
Prevent a service from starting dynamically or even manually unless unmasked:
# systemctl mask foo