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Add your custom configuration. For example:
Modifying existing systemd services
Related Information
Restart the `httpd` service:
Save the file. _Systemd_ automatically loads the new service configuration.
See link:#common-service-parameters[Common service parameters] for more information about the parameters used in this procedure.
ExecStart=<new command>
# systemctl edit httpd.service
# systemctl restart httpd
_Systemd_ services can be modified using the `systemctl edit` command.
This creates an override file `/etc/systemd/system/httpd.service.d/override.conf` and opens it in your text editor. Anything you put into this file will be *added* to the existing service file.
This example shows how to modify an existing service. Service modification are stored within `/etc/systemd/system`, in a single file or in a subdirectory named after the service. For example, this procedure modifies the `httpd` service.
To completely replace (instead of just add to/modify) an existing service file, use `systemctl edit --full`, e.g. `systemctl edit --full httpd.service`. This will create `/etc/systemctl/system/httpd.service`, which will be used instead of the existing service file.
To replace an option that can be set multiple times, it must cleared first, otherwise the override file will add the option a second time.
You are logged in as a user with administrator-level permissions.
You have a configured `httpd` server running through _systemd_.