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$ [command]`trust list`
type: certificate
label: ACCVRAIZ1
trust: anchor
category: authority
$ [command]`trust`
usage: trust command <args>...
$ trust list --help
usage: trust list --filter=<what>
All sub-commands of the [command]`trust` commands offer a detailed built-in help, for example:
Common trust commands are:
list List trust or certificates
extract Extract certificates and trust
extract-compat Extract trust compatibility bundles
anchor Add, remove, change trust anchors
dump Dump trust objects in internal format
--filter=<what> filter of what to export
ca-anchors certificate anchors
blacklist blacklisted certificates
trust-policy anchors and blacklist (default)
certificates all certificates
pkcs11:object=xx a PKCS#11 URI
--purpose=<usage> limit to certificates usable for the purpose
server-auth for authenticating servers
client-auth for authenticating clients
email for email protection
code-signing for authenticating signed code an arbitrary object id
-v, --verbose show verbose debug output
-q, --quiet suppress command output
Managing Trusted System Certificates
More information
type: certificate
label: ACEDICOM Root
trust: anchor
category: authority
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See 'trust &lt;command&gt; --help' for more information
To list all system trust anchors and certificates, use the [command]`trust list` command:
To list, extract, add, remove, or change trust anchors, use the [command]`trust` command. To see the built-in help for this command, enter it without any arguments or with the [option]`--help` directive:
To remove a certificate, use either a _path.to_ a certificate or an ID of a certificate:
To store a trust anchor into the system-wide trust store, use the [command]`trust anchor` sub-command and specify a _path.to_ a certificate, for example:
# trust anchor pass:quotes[_path.to/certificate.crt_]
# trust anchor --remove pass:quotes[_path.to/certificate.crt_]
# trust anchor --remove pass:quotes[_"pkcs11:id=%AA%BB%CC%DD%EE;type=cert"_]