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$ sudo dnf install gnome-logs
Click the search icon.
Enter one or more search criterion in the search field.
In `GNOME Logs`, you can filter for time periods, search within logs, and display categories.
Install the application
In the `Search` field type `Logs` and choose the `GNOME Logs` item from the list of results
Press the `Super` key
The `GNOME Logs` application provides a convenient GUI tool to view the systemd journal. `GNOME Logs` is not currently installed by default on Fedora systems.
To search within logs, select a log file from the results pane.
To select a log file type, from the side bar of GNOME Logs, select the type to view.
To select a time period, from the menu bar, click `Log`, and select a time period.
Type `Software`
Using Gnome Logs to view log files
You can also install `GNOME Logs` using the command line with `dnf`:
You can install `Gnome Logs` using the default software installation application on your system. On a Fedora Workstation install running the GNOME desktop: