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Install from Oracle MySql
Adding the MySQL repository to Fedora
sudo dnf install https://repo.mysql.com//mysql80-community-release-fc31-1.noarch.rpm
Installing MySQL on Fedora
sudo dnf install mysql-community-server
Start MySQL Service and Enable at Loggin:
sudo systemctl start mysqld
sudo systemctl enable mysqld
find Default Password, For security reasons, MySQL generates a temporary root key. Please note that MySQL has even stricter security policies than MariaDB.
sudo grep 'temporary password' /var/log/mysqld.log
Configuring MySQL before the first use
sudo mysql_secure_installation
Then, answer the security questions as you prefer. or just say **yes** to all of them.
sudo mysql -u root -p
Removing MySQL
I suggest to remove in the following way, the most appropriate and safe way without removing many dependencies is:
sudo rpm -e --nodeps mysql-community-libs mysql-community-common mysql-community-server