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Install from Fedora Main Repo
The community provide a MySql package in the main repo.
sudo dnf install {community-mysql-server|mariadb-server}
Configuring MySql/MariaDB
Enable the service at boot and start:
sudo systemctl enable {mysqld|mariadb}
sudo systemctl start {mysqld|mariadb}
Installing MariaDB server from the Fedora Modular repository
To list the available versions (_streams_ in modularity terminology) of MariaDB:
dnf module list mariadb
To enable the version of MariaDB you want to use and make the stream RPMs available in the package set:
sudo dnf module enable mariadb:10.4
At this point you can verify that the available RPM provides the 10.4 verison of MariaDB server:
dnf list mariadb-server
To install mariadb server:
sudo dnf module install mariadb/server
With modules, you could also install a specific profile: like client, devel or galera (the multi-master replica). For instance, if you don't want to install the server stuff, but only the client packages:
sudo dnf module install mariadb:10.4/client
MariaDB default root password is empty.
find Default Password, For security reasons, MySQL generates a temporary root key. Please
sudo grep 'temporary password' /var/log/mysqld.log