Installing fonts
Before you start
Review the fonts on your system. Fedora includes many fonts by default, to see which fonts are installed on your system, use *GNOME Font Viewer*, which is installed by default. Alternatively use the *Fontmatrix* application which is availabe from *GNOME Software* and provides more features, such as searching for a font based on a raster image:
Start *GNOME Software* by choosing *Software* from the Start menu.
Search for 'Fontmatrix'.
Choose 'Fontmatrix' from the results and click 'Install'.
To install fonts from the Fedora repository:
Run the following command to list available fonts:
$ dnf search font
Copy the name of the font you want to install.
Run the following command to install the font:
$ dnf install <font name>
For example:
$ dnf install google-noto-mono-fonts.noarch
To install fonts from the filesystem:
Locate the font file using the *Nautilus* file manager.
Double-click the font file to open the font in *GNOME Font Viewer*. A preview of the font is displayed.
Click *Install* to install the font.
If you use *GNOME Font Viewer* to install fonts, those fonts are only available to the current user.