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As soon as you release the key combination, the window for entering the shortcut closes. The window for application name and command now displays the entered shortctut:
A window for editing the shortcut appears:
A window for entering the keyboard shortcut appears:
Choose the *Keyboard* entry from the list and scroll down to the bottom of the list of keyboard shortcuts:
Click on the entry.
Click the *Set shortcut...* button.
Close the shortcut editing window.
Earlier Fedora versions might not need this step.
Enabling keyboard shortcuts for custom applications in GNOME
Open *Settings* and choose the *Devices* entry from the list:
Press the key combination that should become the shortcut for starting the application.
Scroll down in the list of shortcuts and applications until you locate the application that you want to enable:
This section describes how to enable a keyboard shortcut for starting a custom application in GNOME.