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To find your GPG key ID, look in the _ID_ column next to the newly created key. In most cases, if you are asked for the key ID, you should prepend `0x` to the last 8 characters of the key ID, as in `0x6789ABCD`.
Start the KGpg program from the main menu by selecting menu:Applications[Utilities > KGpg]. If you have never used KGpg before, the program walks you through the process of creating your own GPG keypair.
Now see <<backup-gpg-keys-kde>>.
Enter your passphrase in the next dialog box. At this point, your key appears in the main KGpg window.
Enter your name, email address, and an optional comment in the dialog box that appears prompting you to create a new key pair. You can also choose an expiration time for your key, as well as the key strength (number of bits) and algorithms.
Creating GPG Keys Using the KDE Desktop