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Type your full name, email address, and an optional comment describing who you are (e.g.: John C. Smith, jsmith@example.com, The Man).
To create a key:
Select menu:Activities[Software].
Select menu:Activities[Passwords and Encryption Keys], which starts the application Seahorse.
Now see <<backup-gpg-keys-gnome>>.
Install the Seahorse utility, which makes GPG key management easier.
Creating GPG Keys Using the GNOME Desktop
Click the _Search_ button and enter the name 'Seahorse'.
Click the Seahorse package and click btn:[Install] to add the software. You can also install Seahorse using the command line with the command `sudo dnf install seahorse`.
Click btn:[OK] and the key is created.
Click btn:[Create].
Choose a passphrase that is strong but also easy to remember in the dialog that is displayed.
At the top left hand corner, click the menu:Plus Button[GPG Key].