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Using the System-wide Trust Store
In Fedora, the consolidated system-wide trust store is located in the `/etc/pki/ca-trust/` and `/usr/share/pki/ca-trust-source/` directories. The trust settings in `/usr/share/pki/ca-trust-source/` are processed with lower priority than settings in `/etc/pki/ca-trust/`.
Certificate files are treated depending on the subdirectory they are installed to the following directories:
for trust anchors
`/usr/share/pki/ca-trust-source/anchors/` or
for distrusted certificates
`/usr/share/pki/ca-trust-source/blacklist/` or
for certificates in the extended BEGIN TRUSTED file format
`/usr/share/pki/ca-trust-source/` or
In a hierarchical cryptographic system, a trust anchor is an authoritative entity which is assumed to be trustworthy. For example, in X.509 architecture, a root certificate is a trust anchor from which a chain of trust is derived. The trust anchor must be put in the possession of the trusting party beforehand to make path validation possible.