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The purpose of RPM Fusion
The RPM Fusion project is community-maintained software repository providing additional packages that cannot be distributed in Fedora for legal reasons. Software patents apply to some of the packages in RPM Fusion, and as a consequence, it might not be legal to install these packages in certain countries: for example, in the United States or in Japan.
RPM Fusion also provides packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Additional resources
RPM Fusion home page: link:https://rpmfusion.org/[]
For more information on what packages are allowed to be distributed with Fedora, see the following wiki page: link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Forbidden_items[]
You can buy multimedia codecs from Fluendo. This is a legal solution for users from countries where software patents apply. For more information, see: link:https://fluendo.com/en/products/enterprise/fluendo-codec-pack/[].