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image:green.jpg[Green,25,25] Diversity & Inclusion
Point of contact
xref:council:diversity-advisor.adoc[Justin W. Flory] (jflory7/jwf)
See xref:diversity-inclusion::index.adoc[Diversity & Inclusion documentation].
Fri Nov 13 2020
image:yellow.png[Yellow,25,25] Black Lives Matter update
See[fedora-diversity#135]. Discussed previously at Council face-to-face sessions. Diversity Advisor has a clear path forward for this issue.
image:green.jpg[Green,25,25] Fedora Women's Day 2020
We did it! Fedora Women's Day 2020 took place October 16-18, 2020. A few pending action items remain to officially close out FWD this year:[fedora-diversity#175]: Video recordings and distribution[fedora-diversity#180]: Community Blog post wrap-up
image:green.jpg[Green,25,25] Documentation improvements
The D&I Team is focused on improving our documentation and making it more useful for event organizers.[fedora-diversity#54]: Create event organization best practices guide for D&I at Fedora events[fedora-diversity#120]: Update D&I events page for current / past events[fedora-diversity#122]: Improve event organizer resource pack[fedora-diversity#142]: Add past FLOCK activities to D&I team docs[fedora-diversity#154]: Add D&I accomplishment infographic to docs[fedora-diversity#160]: Fedora Women Day documentation is incomplete[fedora-diversity#161]: Review and update the communication platforms on the D&I Team page