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PgM Team repository
The primary repository for the team is the https://pagure.io/fedora-pgm/pgm_team[pgm_team repo]. This document describes how we use it.
Status files
We use the git repository to record status documents. An https://pagure.io/fedora-pgm/pgm_team/blob/main/f/example.md[example file] is in the root of the repo.
The example file is a _guideline_. You do not need to strictly match it. Add or remove information as you see fit. It is not machine-parsed, so as long as the meaning is clear to the rest of the team, variations in style and content are okay.
The following guidelines apply:
Active work should be in a markdown file in the `current/` directory.
Previous work should be moved into the `past/` directory.
If you have additional supporting information with no better place to store it, create a directory with the same name as the markdown file.
The top of the markdown file should contain basic information about the project (e.g. main contact, links to resources, etc.)
Put the latest updates at the top of the update section (so updates should appear newest to oldest)
Add updates as frequently as appropriate, but generally at least once a month. For most projects, once every one or two weeks is probably better.
Include links to specific issues, etc. that are blocking the work or that are major unresolved decisions.
Remember that these files are so that others can step in to help you if needed. Try to document what you'd want to know if you were coming into the project.
Pagure setup
We use the following tags (or "labels"):
This is used for issues related to documentation.
Generally that means things we document in the PgM Team (or other program management) documentation.
**support request**.
We use this to tag requests from other teams in Fedora.
This tag is for issues related to the https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/[Fedora Project Schedule].