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The Fedora Program Manager is responsible for conducting elections for various bodies within Fedora. After each release, the Fedora Council, Mindshare Committee, and Fedora Engineering Steering Committee run elections. Other teams may request elections if they have a need.
The Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator (FCAIC) is the backup elections wrangler. The FCAIC & FPgM cannot be candidates for elected positions.
FESCo has a xref:fesco::FESCo_election_policy.adoc[separate election policy] that requires more candidates than open seats.
The wiki-based voting process is a giant pain. Perhaps you would like to extend the voting app to allow nomination and election interviews.
Before the nomination period
Make sure an "I Voted" badge has been created for this election cycle.
Edit the link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Template:Election_Banner[election banner template] in the wiki to update the dates and current status
Edit the link:../../elections[Elections docs page]
Open a ticket with each group to see if they want to change the questions
Update wiki pages for each election:
Update the list of leaving members
Clear the candidates table
Remove edit protection
Open the nominations by announcing to the Community Blog and mailing lists
During/after the nomination period
Update the `templates/*` files in the repo (ssh://git@pagure.io/tickets/fedora-pgm/elections-interviews.git) with the new questions
Candidates will post interviews in private issues in the https://pagure.io/fedora-pgm/elections-interviews/issues[elections-interviews] repo.
If the Community Blog post announcing nominations is set to "sticky", un-sticky it.