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Fonts (under an open source license, with no ownership/legal concerns).
Game levels are not considered content, since games without levels would be non functional.
Sound or graphics included with the source tarball that the program or theme uses (or the documentation uses) are acceptable.
Game music or audio content is permissible, as long as the content is freely distributable without restriction, and the format is not patent encumbered.
Example files included with the source tarball are not considered content.
Some examples of content which are not permissible:
Comic book art files
Religious texts
Files in patent-encumbered media formats
If you are unsure if something is considered approved content, ask the {packaging-committee} or, if your question is of a legal nature, {legal-team}.
Packages which are not useful without external code
Some software is not functional or useful without the presence of external code dependencies in the runtime operating system environment. When those external code dependencies are non-free, legally unacceptable, or binary-only (with the exception of permissible firmware), then the dependent software is not acceptable for inclusion in Fedora. If the code dependencies are acceptable for Fedora, then they should be packaged and included in Fedora as a pre-requisite for inclusion of the dependent software. Software which downloads code bundles from the internet in order to be functional or useful is not acceptable for inclusion in Fedora (regardless of whether the downloaded code would be acceptable to be packaged in Fedora as a proper dependency).
This also means that packages which are not functional or useful without code or packages from third-party sources are not acceptable for inclusion in Fedora.
Only one kernel package
Fedora allows only a single kernel package; packages containing alternate kernels are not allowed in the distribution. If there are kernel features which would be generally useful, please communicate with the {kernel-team}.
No external kernel modules
Fedora does not allow kernel modules to be packaged outside of the main kernel package. You should communicate with the {kernel-team} regarding enabling additional kernel modules.
No inclusion of pre-built binaries or libraries
All program binaries and program libraries included in Fedora packages must be built from the source code that is included in the source package. This is a requirement for the following reasons:
Security: Pre-packaged program binaries and program libraries not built from the source code could contain parts that are malicious, dangerous, or just broken. Also, these are functionally impossible to patch.