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Certificate Handling Guidelines
These guidelines are relevant to maintainers of packages which utilize smart cards for loading certificate or private key. Its purpose is to bring a consistency in smart card handling on the OS; for background and motivation see the link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Nmav/Pkcs11Status[current status of PKCS#11 in Fedora].
How to specify a certificate or private key stored in a smart card or HSM
In April 2015, link:https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7512[RFC7512] defined a 'PKCS#11 URI' as a standard way to identify objects stored in smart cards or HSMs. That form should be understood by programs when specified in place of a certificate file. For non-interactive applications which get information on the command line or configuration file, there should not be a separate configuration option to load keys and certificates stored in smart cards, the same option accepting files, should additionally accept PKCS#11 URIs.
How to specify a specific PKCS#11 provider module for the certificate or key
Packages which can potentially use PKCS#11 tokens SHOULD automatically use the tokens which are present in the system's p11-kit configuration, rather than needing to have a PKCS#11 provider explicitly specified. See xref:Pkcs11Support.adoc[the PKCS#11 packaging page] for more information.