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For more details on the criteria for allowed and not-allowed licenses, processes related to licensing, or other guidance related to Fedora licensing, see xref:legal::index.adoc[Licensing in Fedora].
The `License:` field refers to the licenses of the contents of the *_binary_* rpm.
The https://spdx.org/licenses/[SPDX License List] provides identifiers for each individual license or exception based on a set of matching guidelines. SPDX license expressions cover situations where multiple licenses apply to a package, where there is a choice of a license, and where licenses are coupled with exceptions or additional permissions.
This policy and examples can be found at xref:legal::license-field.adoc[License: field in spec file].
The `+License:+` field for new packages as of July 2022 must be filled with the appropriate SPDX license identifier or expression from the list of xref:legal::allowed-licenses.adoc[allowed licenses] for Fedora. Note that some licenses may be allowed for only certain types of material, e.g., fonts, content, or documentation.
xref:legal::license-field.adoc[License: field in Spec file] contains examples and further explanations for using SPDX expressions in the `License:` field.
For more information on what to do if you find a license that is not on the Fedora list, does not have a corresponding SPDX license identifier or expression, or other process questions, see xref:legal::license-review-process.adoc[License Review Process].