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Licensing Guidelines
Fedora Licensing
The goal of the Fedora Project is to work with the Linux community to create a complete, general purpose operating system exclusively from Free and Open Source software.
If code is multiple licensed, and at least one of the licenses is approved for Fedora, that code can be included in Fedora under the approved license(s) (but only under the terms of the approved license(s)).
License Text
However, in situations where upstream is unresponsive, unable, or unwilling to provide proper full license text as part of the source code, and the indicated license requires that the full license text be included, Fedora Packagers must either:
Choose not to package that software for Fedora.
Subpackage Licensing
If a subpackage is dependent (either implicitly or explicitly) upon a base package (where a base package is defined as a resulting binary package from the same source RPM which contains the appropriate license texts as %license), it is not necessary for that subpackage to also include those license texts as %license.
However, if a subpackage is independent of any base package (it does not require it, either implicitly or explicitly), it must include copies of any license texts (as present in the source) which are applicable to the files contained within the subpackage.
License Clarification
License: field
Valid License Short Names
The `+License:+` field for any firmware that disallows modification should be set to: "Redistributable, no modification permitted".
Versioned licenses
"or later version" licenses
Dual Licensing Scenarios
License: MPLv1.1 or GPLv2+
Multiple Licensing Scenarios