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Requires, Recommends, and Suggests
All add-ons MUST include `+Requires: gap-core+`. In addition, dependencies on other GAP packages, as recorded in `+PackageInfo.g+`, MUST be specified, with the exception of `+GAPDoc+`, as noted above. GAP has a 2-level dependency system, specified with `+NeededOtherPackages+` and `+SuggestedOtherPackages+` tags in `+PackageInfo.g+`. How these dependencies map onto the 3-level RPM dependency system of Requires, Recommends, and Suggests is left to the discretion of the Fedora packager.
Unnecessary Files
GAP add-ons are intended to be unpacked in place within a GAP directory tree. Ordinarily, the entire distribution directory is copied into `+%{_gap_dir}/pkg+`. This includes the documentation directories, which are consumed by the tools contained in gap-online-help. However, some files are not needed in the final install directory. Files that should not appear there include:
Textual descriptions of the add-on, such as a README
License files (COPYING, COPYRIGHT, LICENSE, etc.)
Files for building documentation, often called `+make_doc+`
Files generated by LaTeX, including files with these suffixes:
Note that License files MUST still be included in the package with the %license tag, and other documentation such as README files can be included as %doc.
Since GAP documentation must be installed under `+%{_gap_dir}/pkg+` for the builtin documentation browser to find it, such documentation SHOULD NOT be duplicated with `+%doc+`. However, the documentation SHOULD still be marked as such so that documentation-free installs work as expected. Most add-ons SHOULD include `+%docdir+` declarations in the `+%files+` section of the spec file; e.g., `+%docdir %{_gap_dir}/pkg/%{pkgname}/doc+` and `+%docdir %{_gap_dir}/pkg/%{pkgname}/htm+`.