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GAP Packaging Guidelines
License files (COPYING, COPYRIGHT, LICENSE, etc.)
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Note that License files MUST still be included in the package with the %license tag, and other documentation such as README files can be included as %doc.
Requires, Recommends, and Suggests
Since GAP documentation must be installed under `+%{_gap_dir}/pkg+` for the builtin documentation browser to find it, such documentation SHOULD NOT be duplicated with `+%doc+`. However, the documentation SHOULD still be marked as such so that documentation-free installs work as expected. Most add-ons SHOULD include `+%docdir+` declarations in the `+%files+` section of the spec file; e.g., `+%docdir %{_gap_dir}/pkg/%{pkgname}/doc+` and `+%docdir %{_gap_dir}/pkg/%{pkgname}/htm+`.
Some add-ons have not yet updated their test suites for GAP 4.8. If a GAP add-on's test suite invokes `+ReadTest(foo)+`, modify it to invoke `+Test(foo, rec( compareFunction := "uptowhitespace" ) )+` instead.
Textual descriptions of the add-on, such as a README
The main GAP package and its attendant libraries and help system are in packages named gap, gap-libs, gap-core, gap-online-help, gap-devel, and gap-vim. To distinguish add-on packages from these core packages, add-ons MUST have names of the form gap-pkg-foo. For example, the FGA add-on is named gap-pkg-fga.
This document describes the conventions and customs surrounding the proper packaging of https://gap-system.org/[GAP] add-on packages in Fedora. Throughout this document, we use the word _add-on_ to substitute for GAP upstream's use of the word _package_, to avoid confusion with RPM packages.