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Add-on Location
Add-ons that use a `+buildman.pe+` or `+convert.pl+` script to build documentation also need `+BuildRequires: tth+` in order to build HTML documentation pages from TeX input. Some add-ons bundle these scripts, as well as a few auxiliary files. Add-ons containing any of the following files should be modified to link to the version of the file contained in the gap or gap-devel packages.
Add-ons that use Autodoc to build documentation MUST include `+BuildRequires: gap-pkg-autodoc+`. Such packages do not need to include `+BuildRequires: GAPDoc-latex+`, as the Autodoc package `+Requires: GAPDoc-latex+`.
Add-ons that use GAPDoc to build documentation MUST include `+BuildRequires: GAPDoc-latex+` to pull in the necessary LaTeX packages. These packages do not need `+Requires: GAPDoc+`, since `+gap-core+` depends on GAPDoc.
All add-ons MUST include `+BuildRequires: gap-devel+`, as that package contains essential tools needed for compiling binary modules and building documentation, as well as a set of RPM macros for use in spec files. Each add-on also MUST contain a `+BuildRequires+` that is dependent on the documentation style used by the GAP add-on.
All add-ons MUST include `+Requires: gap-core+`. In addition, dependencies on other GAP packages, as recorded in `+PackageInfo.g+`, MUST be specified, with the exception of `+GAPDoc+`, as noted above. GAP has a 2-level dependency system, specified with `+NeededOtherPackages+` and `+SuggestedOtherPackages+` tags in `+PackageInfo.g+`. How these dependencies map onto the 3-level RPM dependency system of Requires, Recommends, and Suggests is left to the discretion of the Fedora packager.
`+buildman.pe+` → `+%{_gap_dir}/etc/buildman.pe+`
`+convert.pl+` → `+%{_gap_dir}/etc/convert.pl+`
Files for building documentation, often called `+make_doc+`
Files generated by LaTeX, including files with these suffixes:
GAP add-ons are intended to be unpacked in place within a GAP directory tree. Ordinarily, the entire distribution directory is copied into `+%{_gap_dir}/pkg+`. This includes the documentation directories, which are consumed by the tools contained in gap-online-help. However, some files are not needed in the final install directory. Files that should not appear there include:
GAP add-ons are written to be installed simply by unpacking them in an existing GAP directory tree. For most add-ons, the only build action necessary is building the documentation. However, since the add-on authors assumed this would happen within the GAP tree, add-ons freely use relative paths to access GAP files. For example, packages that use TTH to build documentation (see below) commonly invoke `+../../../convert.pl+`. The RPM spec file MUST account for this, either by altering the add-on to point to paths under `+%{_gap_dir}+`, or by creating symbolic links to create the appearance that the build is taking place inside the GAP tree. If the add-on is altered for the build, the spec file SHOULD arrange for the original (unaltered) files to be installed, so that paths are correct after installation.
`+gapmacrodoc.tex+` → `+%{_gap_dir}/doc/gapmacrodoc.tex+`