Using software included in NeuroFedora
NeuroFedora is a set of packages that can be installed on a Fedora system. So, one can setup a Fedora system and then install whatever tools they use. Fedora provides a variety of installation media:
We suggest the link:https://getfedora.org/en/workstation/[Fedora workstation] as a well designed link:https://www.gnome.org/[GNOME] based installation.
For headless (such as clusters and servers without a graphical interface) installations, we suggest the link:https://getfedora.org/en/server/[Fedora server] installation.
Users that prefer other desktop environments, such as link:https://www.kde.org/[KDE], link:https://xfce.org/[XFCE], link:https://lxqt.org/about/[LXQT], link:https://mate-desktop.org/[Mate], link:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinnamon_(software)[Cinnamon] or link:https://lxde.org/[LXDE], can select a link:https://spins.fedoraproject.org/[Fedora spin].
The link:https://labs.fedoraproject.org/en/scientific/[Fedora scientific] image provides a KDE based installation that includes various generally used scientific tools.
Detailed information on installing Fedora can be found in the link:https://docs.fedoraproject.org/[Fedora documentation].
Install media
We provide ready to use ISO images that include pre-installed software. These can either be used "live" without installation, or they can be used to set up a Fedora Workstation based system that includes a set of Neuroscience software. Information on these can be found on a xref:install-media.adoc[separate page].
Software provided by NeuroFedora
More software is regularly being added to NeuroFedora. Please xref:communicating.adoc[get in touch with us] for specific requests.
Users have access to the xref:installing-software.adoc[complete set of software maintained by the Fedora community]. The NeuroFedora special interest group (SIG), however, focusses on providing software for:
xref:compneuro-tools.adoc[computational neuroscience] (xref:install-media.adoc[Install media] available!)
Please use the individual pages to learn more.
Extra software (COPR)
Free/Open source software that is harder to include in Fedora (usually because it is developed in a way that makes it difficult to package while implementing the Fedora packaging guidelines) is temporarily provided in an xref:copr.adoc[extra COPR repository]. The NeuroFedora team will continue to work with upstreams to move it to official Fedora repositories.
Container images
Use of containers is discussed on a xref:containers.adoc[separate page].