Advocate Program
What Is A Fedora Advocate?
Advocates are passionate contributors who want to participate in community events, represent Fedora and help grow the user and contributor community. Advocates are people who love spreading knowledge about their area of interest in Fedora. Many advocates also organize release parties where they share information about What's new in Fedora. Advocates also help new contributors join and hack on any of the subprojects at meetups and Fedora Activity Days (FADs). Advocates come from all parts of the project and represent contributors from all areas, technical and non-technical.
What Purpose Do They Solve?
Organize Fedora participation at events
Foster Fedora contributors and encourage contribution and usage
Promote Fedora and cross-community interaction
Hold calendar events like release parties
Promote Fedora technology at local user groups with talks etc.
What Makes A Great Fedora Advocate?
Fedora Advocates tend to be people who are:
already contributors and users of Fedora.
Advocates are adding to their current contribution, not starting out with Fedora. This allows you to focus on community building in your area of expertise and interest. If you’re brand new to the project, becoming an Advocate is most likely not a good first step. Start with contribution in other areas first.
friendly and approachable.
They like working with and talking to others, especially one-on-one in person or electronically. They realize that people are the key element of successful Open Source projects. Everything that we do -- events, budgets, swag, blogging -- it's all done to make personal connections with folks who either want to use or contribute to Fedora.
wanting to lead a regional or locally focused community or start one.
You should be eager and happy to work with Fedora Ambassadors to learn more about the project which you may not have contributed to before.
the fabric of the community outreach effort.
You are expected to collaborate and work with people in your local area, including colleges, universities, professional groups or meetups, and other places where like-minded individuals tend to congregate. You are the face of Fedora in your area.