Attending a brief mentors call, as scheduled.
Attending the brief student calls, as announced
Attract attention that can lead to an internship or job after graduation.
Be a general mentor. This is a person who works with all students regardless of their project. To become a general mentor please open an issue in the https://pagure.io/mentored-projects/issues[Mentored Projects Issue Tracker] offering your help. Please ask for tagging the issue with the *Outreachy* label.
Being accountable for your success and your actions
Being an interface for an identified sub-project or SIG in Fedora.
Be the final, accountable person for deciding if the student is successful or not. This is responsibility akin to being a professor or boss.
Blogging every week about what you're learning, how you're doing, challenges and successes. This is key way to keep the entire Fedora Community informed.
Can I be a Mentor Without a Project?
Collaborate with real engineers and other professionals.
Communicating early and often with your mentor.
Contribute to something meaningful while learning and earning.
Create lifetime connections and associations.
Do you have enough time to work on this with the student during the entire project. You will be helping someone else when they get stuck. You don't want to become a blocker because you're busy.
Fedora is participating in the link:https://www.outreachy.org/[Outreachy] round running from May to August 2021.
General Mentors
Helping students communicate with the overall project and any upstream.
Helping the student plan realistic achievable milestones that provide for regular deliverables and feedback.