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Google Season of Docs 2019
Fedora was unfortuantely not accepted as a GSoD mentoring organization.
image:gsod.png[width=64,height=64] This page contains information about Fedora’s participation in Google Season of Docs (GSoD). Please feel free to contact Mentors and Org Admins.
What is Google Season of Docs?
Season of Docs, a new program which fosters the open source contributions of technical writers. Season of Docs brings technical writers and open source projects together for a few months to work on open source documentation. 2019 is the first time GSoD is running and Fedora is excited to take part in it!
What can I do today?
Fedora is still in the process of applying to be a mentoring organization. Today there is nothing we can do except wait until Google makes a decision.
Today you should read through the xref:gsod/2019/ideas.adoc[ideas list] and see what interests you. You can also start a conversation with our mentors about your own idea.
Technical Writer Information
Do you want to contribute to one of the world’s leading innovative Linux distributions? GSoD could be your chance. Please refer to the information below.
If you’re interested in working on a mentor-submitted idea, read the xref:gsod/2019/ideas.adoc[ideas page] and about the project and the related technology. There is no need to contact the mentor unless you have a specific question about the project. You don’t need to send an “I’m interested” email.
If you are interested in proposing your own idea, please contact the listed mentors and administrators on the xref:gsod/2019/ideas.adoc[ideas page].
Why work with Fedora?
Our project is large and diverse. We are very experienced at working with new contributors and helping them be successful.
Many of our contributors are long-time contributors. They remain because they want to keep growing the project and to lend their expertise, advice and mentoring to you! People who stay around the community and do good work are noticed. As a long-standing community with many facets, it is possible for you to find many rewarding sub-projects to work on.
If you are new to the Fedora Project, the following material will help you to get started:
link:https://docs.fedoraproject.org/fedora-project/project/fedora-overview.html[Fedora Project Overview]
link:https://docs.fedoraproject.org[Fedora Technical and Community Documentation]
link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_use_IRC[How to use IRC]