Attract attention that can lead to an internship or job after graduation.
Being accountable for your success and your actions
Being an interface for an identified sub-project or SIG in Fedora.
Be the final, accountable person for deciding if the student is successful or not. This is responsibility akin to being a professor or boss.
Blogging every week about what you're learning, how you're doing, challenges and successes. This is key way to keep the entire Fedora Community informed.
Collaborate with real engineers and other professionals.
Communicating early and often with your mentor.
Contribute to something meaningful while learning and earning.
Create lifetime connections and associations.
Do you want to contribute to one of the world's leading and innovative Linux distributions? GSoC could be your chance. Please refer to the material below and start contacting mentors.
Fedora has been accepted as a mentoring organization. Student applications open on 20 March.
Google Summer of Code 2017
Helping students communicate with the overall project and any upstream.
Helping the student plan realistic achievable milestones that provide for regular deliverables and feedback.
How to work with students
http://googlesummerofcode.blogspot.cz/2007/04/so-what-is-this-community-bonding-all.html[Community Bonding Period] - Students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects.
Ideas Page
If you're interested in proposing your own project start looking around the Fedora Project for a mentor and send your idea to the mailing list or post it on the wiki.
If you're interested in working on an existing project, read up on the project and the related technology. There is no need to contact the mentor unless you have a specific question about the project. Don't send "I'm interested" email.