*30 May*: Students begin coding for their Google Summer of Code
projects; Google begins issuing initial student payments provided tax
forms are on file and students are in good standing with their
*30 June: 16:00 UTC* Phase 1 evaluations deadline; Google begins
issuing mid-term student payments provided passing student survey is on
*29 August*: Mentors can start submitting final student evaluations.
*28 July: 16:00 UTC* Phase 2 evaluations deadline.
*27 February 16:00 UTC* List of accepted mentoring organizations
published on the Google Summer of Code site.
*26 June: 16:00 UTC* Mentors and students can begin submitting Phase 1
*21 to 29 August: 16:00 UTC*: Final week: Students tidy code, write
tests, improve documentation and submit their code sample. Students also
submit their final mentor evaluation.
*20 March: 16:00 UTC* Student application period opens.
*19 January, 2017: 16:00 UTC* Mentoring organizations can begin
submitting applications to Google.
*10 October, 2016*: Program announced.
*10 - 26 February*: Google program administrators review organization
*09 February: 16:00 UTC* Mentoring organization application deadline.
*06 September*: Final results of Google Summer of Code 2017 announced
*05 September: 16:00 UTC*: Final evaluation deadline
*04 May: 16:00 UTC* Accepted student proposals announced.
*03 April: 16:00 UTC* Student application deadline.