Ideas: Google Summer of Code 2011
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Applications for desktop end users
These are coding projects that benefit end users of the Linux desktop.
Wubi like application for Fedora
_Summary of idea:_ https://launchpad.net/wubi[https://launchpad.net/wubi] is a great tool that lets one install Linux from a windows OS. It would be nice to have something like this for Fedora as well.
Integrate Proxy Settings and Network Locations
_Status:_ Proposed
_Summary of Idea:_ The system should use an appropriate networking profile (e.g. Proxy settings) for each network location.
Currently, Gnome does have a concept of network locations in its Network Proxy configuration window. However, user should select the appropriate location whenever he moves between networks. This idea is about providing an integration between NetworkManager and Desktop environments so that a user can create network profiles for each network location providing appropriate settings like proxy settings which is the main proposed setting here. NetworkManager can have a "Network Location" concept: for wireless networks, usually the name of the network (ESSID) is usually enough. For wired connections, DHCP servers can and usually do provide network's domain name, which can be used as the name of the location. It is nice if a user can associate each network location with a network settings profile which will be used whenever the user is connected to that network automatically. So, when you connect to a network, a corresponding network settings profile is activated automatically.
_Contacts:_ link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Hedayat[Hedayat Vatankhah]
Fill in some of the Missing nVidia and Radeon API pieces
_Summary of idea:_ Add some of the missing 3d APIs for at least one of the major card types, considerably helping out the beleagured Radeon and Nvidia reverse-engineering efforts. There is enough currently (F14) missing that most 3d games do not function correctly, many of the underpinnings of FireFox 4 acceleration are blacklisted under Linux, and many other visual and other components cannot make correct use of the gpu(s) under Linux. Progress is abysmal for many reasons.
_Notes:_ Requires good integration with the existing Radeon and nVidia teams and their testsuites
SPICE as a replacement for VNC and LTSP