After discussion on the main Summer Coding 2010 list, you will be invited to join the private mentor discussion list
A project needs a mentor. Throwing an idea over the wall on to the wiki page doesn't get it the attention it needs to be part of the Summer Coding program. If you put an idea out there but do not have a mentor in mind for it, it is left open to the Summer Coding mentors and administators to sort out.
Are you already working in the Fedora or JBoss communities?
Are you committed to working with all parties?
Are you working in an area of the project that might want to mentor you for your Summer Coding 2010 work? For example, if you write for the Fedora Documentation Project or translate for the Fedora Localization Project, talk with your group to see if there are ideas you can turn in to a student proposal, with another sub-project member as the mentor.
As long as the idea is relevant for the Fedora Summer Coding program, you can put it on the xref:ideas.adoc[Summer Coding 2010 ideas] page. Follow the process on that page.
As long-standing communities with many facets, it is possible for you to find many rewarding sub-projects to work on.
As this is a program for the Fedora Project and JBoss.org, there must be some benefit to those projects for your upstream idea. When you bring the topic to the discussion list, be prepared to talk about that.
Being an interface for an identified sub-project or SIG in Fedora or JBoss.org.
Be prepared to explain your idea, receive input and criticism, and grow (or reduce) the idea so it has the best chance of being accepted for Fedora Summer Coding.
Be the final, accountable person for deciding if the student is successful or not, which affects payment.
Campus Ambassadors should then guide new contributors in helping them get set up with mentors and helping submit their Summer Coding proposal. [edit] Campus Ambassadors - what
Campus Ambassadors should work to guide new interests through this process. They should work in both generating interest in Fedora Summer Coding within the Fedora Community and also generating interest in Fedora within student contributors.
Collaborate with real engineers and other professional experts.
Contact the relevant sub-project for your idea or contact http://lists.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/summer-coding-discuss[the discussion group].
Contribute to something meaningful while learning and earning student value.
Create an idea page, noting in the section for mentors that you are looking for a mentor. Use link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_create_an_idea_page_for_Summer_Coding[How to create an idea page for Summer Coding] to make the page.
Do you have an idea you need a mentor for?
Do you have ideas for what you'd like to see in the project?
Do you have one or more ideas you want exposed to students?