Possibly attract attention that gets you an internship or job after graduation.
Earn while you learn. We are planning to sponsor $5000 for full projects and $2500 for half projects. Check out Summer_Coding_FAQ for more details.
Why work with Fedora and JBoss.org?
Our projects are large and diverse. We are very experienced at working with new contributors and helping them be successful.
Many long-time contributors continue to be around, lending expertise and mentoring. People who stay around the community and do good work are noticed. They get hired for jobs from it, including being hired by Red Hat. link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/GSoC_report_2009[Past Google Summer of Code students were hired by Red Hat, as well as interns in various positions]. This is just an example, as experience and reputation in the JBoss.org and Fedora Project communities is influential on your career in many ways.
As long-standing communities with many facets, it is possible for you to find many rewarding sub-projects to work on.
You should know that contributing to FOSS doesn't require you to have super programming skills, or super-anything else. You just need be interested and curious enough, and be willing to become comfortable being _productively lost_. This is the state of learning through finding your way around and figuring things out.
Do you want to start from ideas mentors already have?
Mentors and sub-projects have put up sections on the xref:ideas.adoc[Summer Coding 2010 ideas] page. There you can find:
Full ideas that you might want to start on;
Suggestions and use cases, to help you make up your own idea;
Links to the sub-project/upstream where you can learn more.
For example, if you are interested in doing something for the http://rhq-project.org[RHQ Project], there is a link to an ideas page on their website and how to contact the team. If you contact them, you can learn about even more ideas, and share some of your thinking.
Even if a mentor has an idea, you want to find one that inspires you. You must become part of the idea yourself.
Do you have an idea you need a mentor for?
People can be most passionate about an idea that is their own. That passion can be what helps you get through the hard part of the project.
Do you know what person or sub-project in JBoss or Fedora that might be the mentoring group for your idea?
You need to do these things:
Contact the relevant sub-project for your idea or contact http://lists.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/summer-coding-discuss[the discussion group].
Be prepared to explain your idea, receive input and criticism, and grow (or reduce) the idea so it has the best chance of being accepted for Fedora Summer Coding.