A full list of ideas can be found on the Transifex wiki page:
As a contributor, you will help extend EKG to track additional resources, mine new data, and create new visualizations, metrics, and comparisons. We will measure the contributions by company and organisation and community members. There is a lot of room for work in web visualization, whether this means making new charts and graphs or attempting to find ways to show a lot of information at a glance.
At least the following problems are addressed:
Augeas is a command line tool and library to make editing of configuration files from programs and scripts easier. It does that by parsing existing configuration files into a tree, allowing modifications of the tree through an API, and writing the tree back to the original configuration file with those modifications.
Backup system on btrfs
Better iptables management
btrfs is upcoming filesystem which is already there in rawhide. It include unique feature of create snapshots, one can easily go back to the previous states of the files using that. In the current condition it is better to take snapshots of subvolumes only.
Change app-install to download metadata from repository,
Coding includes Python and Django, Web frameworks, workflow development, and the chance to contribute to something used by quite a few folks.
Collect and distribute your custom software packages into manageable groups
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