_Summary of idea:_ A User Interface to the PackageDB for end users to find and review packages
_Contacts:_ Toshio Kuratomi
_Mentor(s):_ Toshio Kuratomi
_Notes:_ This idea has already been taken up and a more detailed proposal worked on by maploin, Ionuț Arțăriși
Many Linux distributions have a website that shows what packages are present in the distribution to users of the distribution. These websites have pages that tell what the software does, how to use it, what version it is, and so on. We'd like to add the same capabilities to the Fedora Package Database so that Fedora Users can come there to see what packages are in Fedora.
We also want to add a few features that aren't in other systems.
The ability to filter these as applications instead of packages,
Letting end users comment on the applications to help other end users
Letting end users tag the packages with keywords to make searching easier
More details here:
New Developer UI for the PackageDB
_Summary of idea:_ Update the Packager's User Interface to be more efficient.
_Notes:_ This idea has already been taken up and a more detailed proposal worked on by Ranjith Kannikara
The Package Database provides an adequate interface to managing acls on packages but there are some definite warts that cause our packagers to spend too much time on the beaurocracy of maintaining packages rather than coding. This proposal is to address several outstanding feature requests and create some new interfaces that will make managing package acls much easier.
Robotics LiveCD with Simulator Environment
_Summary of idea:_ Create a LiveCD that provides a simulation environment and tools to start robotics experiments.
_Contacts:_ link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Timn[Tim Niemueller]
_Mentor(s):_ Don't know, would like to be the student