Provides full Java Development Kit (JDK). In most cases only packages related to Java development should have runtime dependencies on `java-devel`. Runtime packages should require `java-headless` or `java`. Some packages not strictly related to java development need access to libraries included with JDK, but not with JRE (for example `tools.jar`). That's one of few cases where requiring java-devel may be necessary.
Similairly to `maven-local`, this package provides an environment required to build Java packages using Gradle as a build tool.
This package provides a complete environment which is required to build Java packages using Apache Maven build system. This includes a default system version of Java Development Kit (JDK), Maven, a number of Maven plugins commonly used to build packages, various macros and utlilty tools. `maven-local` is usually declared as build dependency of Maven packages.
This package provides a working Java Runtime Environment (JRE) with some functionality disabled. Graphics and audio support may be unavailable in this case. `java-headless` provides functionality that is enough for most of packages and avoids pulling in a number of graphics and audio libraries as dependencies. Requirement on `java-headless` is appropriate for most of Java packages.