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which is more robust against future changes to the RPM scripts to use different compression.
Container build problems
Package installation failures
During installation of packages to build a Flatpak container, the set of packages is restricted to packages in the runtime and packages built in your module. Other packages in Fedora will be ignored. If you see a message about missing dependencies that you know are in Fedora, this is because they are being ignored because of this restriction.
`fedmod rpm2flatpak` should have added all necessary dependencies not in the runtime to your module. However, subsequent packaging changes might require updates to your module.
You could also see failures if a package in the runtime grew a new dependency.and the runtime hasn't been updated. If the package with the dependency causing the dnf failure isn't part of your module, please bug an issue against https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=Fedora%20Modules&component=flatpak-runtime[flatpak-runtime].