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Additionally, repositories included in an edition or spin's third-party repository list must conform to the following requirements:
Applications in other packaging formats should conform with guidelines and best practices appropriate for those formats.
Applications that ship as RPMs should conform with link:https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/packaging-guidelines/[Fedora's RPM guidelines]. However, while this is the best practice, it is not a hard requirement. (This more relaxed approach to RPM packaging allows the inclusion of software for which it is difficult to conform to Fedora's packaging guidelines.)
A third-party repository is any software repository that the Fedora Project does not officially maintain, including link:https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/[Copr repositories], as well as repositories that are hosted outside of the Fedora Project.
Changes made by one Edition or spin should not impact other Fedora editions or spins.
Duplicates and replacements
Fedora working groups or FESCo may also define agreements with third-party maintainers.
If they fulfill the requirements set out in this policy, a Fedora edition or spin install media can include third party repository definitions.
Just as with any software hosted by Fedora, third party repositories must not contain material that poses an undue legal risk for the Fedora Project or its sponsors. This risk includes, but is not limited to, software with known patent issues, copyright issues, or software tailored for conducting illegal activities. Fedora working groups should evaluate if a proposed addition or provider poses a significant risk, and if in doubt, confer with Fedora Legal for advice.
Key requirements for third-party repositories
Language-specific tools (`pip`, `maven`, `cargo`, `go`, …).
Maintaining a third-party repository
Repositories can be configured with either `enabled_metadata=0` or `enabled_metadata=1` (or equivalent), at the discretion of the relevant working group or SIG.
repository maintenance ends or will end in the future
Requirements for software packaged as RPMs:
Reuse of repository definitions among editions or spins is encouraged.
RPM packages in a third-party repository must not replace packages provided by official Fedora repositories, nor break dependencies between those packages.
Software from third-party repositories cannot be used when creating Fedora images.
Software included in each third-party repository must conform to the following requirements.
Software labeling and metadata