Questions sponsors should answer in particular are all the questions related with practical aspects of Fedora ( xref:packaging-guidelines::index.adoc[Packaging Guidelines], xref:package-maintainers::Using_the_Koji_Build_System.adoc[Build system], xref:package-maintainers::Package_Maintenance_Guide.adoc[VCS], FAS, updates... ).
If a sponsored maintainer is unable to fix an issue in their package(s) the sponsor should be able to step in and either provide a fix or help them find a fix from other resources. This might include pushing a security update when the maintainer is unavailable, applying a patch, removing an improperly built package, or other time or security sensitive issue. It could also mean sending a message to the devel list asking for help or coaching the packager in finding the upstream mailing list and requesting help there. Note that the maintainer should be shown the fix and how to manage the issue moving forward.