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Additional Resources 추가 자원
The following sources of information provide additional resources regarding `PTP` and the [application]*ptp4l* tools.
Installed Documentation 설치된 문서
`ptp4l(8)` man page — Describes [application]*ptp4l* options including the format of the configuration file.
`pmc(8)` man page — Describes the `PTP` management client and its command options.
`phc2sys(8)` man page — Describes a tool for synchronizing the system clock to a `PTP` hardware clock (PHC).
`timemaster(8)` man page — Describes a program that uses [application]*ptp4l* and [application]*phc2sys* to synchronize the system clock using `chronyd` or `ntpd`.
Useful Websites 유용한 웹사이트
The Linux PTP project.
The IEEE 1588 Standard.